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If you are looking for some kid's craft projects to do with your children, this selection of craft projects is for you. Unique kid's crafts that are worth keeping.

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Kidís Craft Projects are a fun way to teach kids how to use their creativity to make something they can use or enjoy. Crafts for kids can be as simple as paper cut-outs and some glue, or as challenging as piecing together a wire bug. Our kidís projects are unique and give kids the opportunity to craft something they can really use, play with, eat, or display. Some are easy for kids to do on their own and some require help from an adult, but all the projects are super fun to make.

Kid's Craft Projects

Crispy Treats for Kids

Make these cute cats or dogs out of rice crispy treats and candy. Great individually wrapped for Valentines or for party favors.

Garden Cookie Craft

Tend a garden of cookies with this yummy project for kids or adults. Three different garden scenes to make.

Kid's Resurrection Craft

Create an Easter scene with candy in our resurrection craft project for kids. Rice crispy treats and candies make this project delicious as well as fun.

How to Make Sock Puppets

Make an assortment of sock puppet animals with this fun project.

Gingerbread Nativity

This kid's craft project is fun and delicious. Gingerbread or graham cracker stable and an assortment of candies to make the nativity characters.

Kid's Lemonade Stand

This lemonade stand project is fun and easy for kids to complete and be ready to run their own lemonade stand.

Farm Animal Magnets

Make these cute farm animal magnets for your kids or with older kids. Very easy project to do and great for a farm animal class project.

Easy Kid's Clock

This wall clock for kids is so easy and fun to do. Use your child's favorite toys to make the clock match their room decor.

Snowflake Candy Project

Make these simple candy snowflakes. Great fun for kids to make and eat.

Crayon School Box

Make your own crayon school box to hold crayons, pencils or markers. Your kids will enjoy a box they made with you.

Pipe Cleaner Bugs for Kids

In this pipe cleaner craft project you can make bugs with the kids. Fun bug craft project.

Easy Fishing Toy Set

Fun fishing toy craft project for kids to make. Kid's love to play with it too.

Kid's Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System

A fantastic kid's craft project that is fun to display in a kid's bedroom and watch it glow when you turn off the lights.

Play Dough Recipes & Modeling Fun

Kids will have lots of fun molding their own items with these playdough recipes.

Easy Yarn Dolls

Make these adorable yarn dolls with our easy instructions. Great project for kids to make.

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