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Garden Cookie Craft: Cookie #2
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Candy/Topping List:

  • Small Gum Drops
  • “Tootsie Roll” – Giant
  • “Air Heads”
  • “Reese’s pieces”
  • Mini pretzel sticks


Cut a deep x into the top of a small green gum drop, cut off the top ¼” of a white gum drop

Gently open the green gum drop and place the top of the white gum drop into the opening.


Cut the “Air Head” in half and trim off the rounded edge, then cut out each corner about ¼” to ½” inch deep.

Cut off a marked section of the giant “Tootsie Roll”, then cut that section in half.


Notice that one set of sides on your cut “Air Head” is longer than the other. The long side is going to be the length of the wheelbarrow. Your “Tootsie Roll” half slice should be about the same length as the side of your wheelbarrow (see photo). Take one mini pretzel and break it in half.

Place the halves of pretzel stick onto the wheelbarrow candy so that the broken ends meet in the middle and the pretzels extend through two of the cut-out corners.

Flip the piece of “Tootsie Roll” so that the cut side is facing up and lay it on top of the pretzels. (see photo)


Fold each of the sides of the “Air Heads” candy so that the cut corner edges meet up and join them together. You will have to squeeze and form the candy over the pretzels until the candy is joined together.

Cut about ½” off the top of a small gum drop and stick it to the bottom back of the wheelbarrow.

Make a small cut into the bottom front of the wheelbarrow and push a brown “Reese’s pieces” into the cut.

© Copyright 2014 by AOK Corral Craft and Gift Bazaar.  All rights reserved.

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