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Grasshopper Craft

Make a fun grasshopper with our grasshopper craft project instructions.

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Pipe Cleaner Bugs: Grasshopper Instructions
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Instruction Symbol Key

x = Twist chenille together at this point two times.

o = Twist the chenille stem you are working with around another piece of chenille at this point one time.

dome = Make the chenille rounded as a dome to create a multi-dimensional look for this part of the body.

Materials Needed:

  • Green chenille stems;
    • 6 - 12 inch pieces
  • Lt. Green chenille stems;
    • 2 - 12 inch pieces
  • 8 green paddle wheel beads 18 mm in size
  • Sharp craft scissors

Step 1.
Take one 12 inch piece of dark green chenille and make a loop in the center that is approx. 1 inch in diameter. Twist the chenille at the X as shown.

Step 2.
Take one of the ends of chenille and bend it toward the loop starting at the twisted joint. Curve it slightly to form a dome OVER the loop as shown.


Step 3.
Connect it to the loop as shown.

Step 4.
Now take the other end of chenille and bend it toward the loop starting at the twisted joint, only this time, form a dome UNDER loop as shown.


Step 5.
Connect it to the loop as shown. If the two ends that are left are longer than 1 and 1/4 inches, bend the tips to correct the length and wrap them around themselves.

Step 6.
Take another 12 inch piece of chenille and attach one end of it onto the back of the head (about 1/4 inch to the right of the head dome piece) at the location shown.


Step 7.
Take the piece of chenille that you just attached to the head and bend it to form a square that is about 1 and 1/2 inches long and wide. (This square forms the thorax-mid section of the bug)

Step 8.
Attach the chenille to the back of the head again (about 1/4 inch to the left of the head dome piece) at the location shown.


Step 9.
Turn the chenille stem toward the head dome piece and attach it at the location shown.

Step 10.
Create a dome, centered above the square (thorax) of the grasshopper.


Step 11.
Attach the chenille on the square directly across from the head and centered. There should be a "tail" left that is approx. 2 inches or more.

Step 12.
Take the three green chenille stems and twist them together in the middle to form the legs.


Step 13.
Place the center of the legs on the "tail" about 1/2 inch from the thorax/square connection. Twist the "tail" completely around the legs once as shown.

Step 14.
Flip the bug over to view the bottom. Bring the "tail" across the center of the thorax/square along the bottom to the head and twist the end to connect it as shown.


Step 15.
To form the abdomen, take another 12 inch piece of green chenille and attach it to the thorax/square on the right corner as shown.

Step 16.
Loop the other end of the stem around to the left corner of the thorax/square and twist to connect as shown. Create a gentle point at the end of the abdomen by slightly bending it.
Slide 4 paddle wheel beads onto each of the legs closest to the abdomen.


Step 17.
To create the back hopping legs do as shown in the photo: Bend the legs upward, at the point where they come out from under the thorax/square. Then bend the legs downward, 2 inches from your upward bend.

Step 18.
For the other four legs; Bend each of the legs downward at a point about 1/2" away from the thorax/square. Then, starting at that bend, measure approx. 1 and 1/4 inches and trim extra off. Direct the front legs toward the head and the middle legs toward the back hopping legs.


Step 19.
Take a light green 12 inch chenille stem. Bring both ends together and connect as shown. Make a point in the center of the loop by slightly bending. Repeat this step with another stem.

Step 20.
Connect the ends of the light green wings to the middle of the top stem of the body by twisting them on securely.

Easy Print Option:
Includes instructions for all bugs; Ladybug, Bee/Wasp, Grasshopper, & Spider with Web without margins, ads or logos.

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